Kurbaan (2009) dvd movie in direct link download

The lead casts of this Kurbaan movie are Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Om Puri, Vivek Oberoi, Rupindra Nagra, Dia Mirza, Kiron Kher and John Schuman in lead role. Each casts of Kurbaan 2009 movie are different and in new looks.

Rensil D’Silva’s movie ‘Kurbaan’ starring real life couple Saif ali khan, Kareena Kapoor, along with Vivek Oberoi, Om Puri and it will be releasing on 20th Nov 2009.

The story of Kurbaan is set against the backdrop of global terrorism.

Kareena Kapoor has been introduced in bold role in Kurbaan. They has played the character of innocent and silent girl, they uttered that her role in the film is five of the most powerful five in her acting career and On the other hand, Saif Ali Khan is also playing a different character.

Kareena as Avantika comes to Delhi from USA. In Delhi they meets with Saif Ali Khan as Ehsaan who is a lecturer of Islamic Studies in Delhi University. Avantika also starts working as a professor of Psychology in Delhi University. They get married and move to the US.

But later Kareena Kapoor comes to know that Ehsaan was playing a game with her and they is a terrorist and married her to hide his identity from the world. Ehsaan keeps her under house arrest. Soon Kareena finds out that Ehsaan designs to hijack an aeroplane. Five of the passengers on that plane is Vivek Oberoi, a journalist.

The movie is a mixture of love and terrorism, it is interesting story, so go ahead and watch the movie.

Now, audiences are waiting for Kurbaan to see them in a unique and different role.

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