Warriors Way (2011)Dvd movie direct download

It's almost poetic way of the warrior hits theaters the week after Thanksgiving. After all, a film casserole ingredients not so fresh. Here's a recipe at hand. Mix equal parts of Once Upon a Time in the West and Ninja Assassin. Sprinkle generously with 300 and The Karate Kid. Serve on a bed of Carnival. Let simmer in the brain for a moment.

Handsome Korean actor Jang Dong-gun plays Yang, who has been trained all his life to a murderer of his clan, the flutes sad. He is about to complete his life's mission to become "the best swordsman in the history of the World - Ever" (a screen title announces to the audience) by wiping out the last of a rival clan. But he does not dare to slaughter only survivor of the opposition, a gurgling infant girl. His refusal to end what he began shooting at the top of the list of results from their own clan. So grab the girl as a sack of potatoes and will Western man, youth.

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