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An illustrious Angelina Jolie is one-half of Florian Henekel von Donnersmarck’s (you can’t make a name like this up) The Tourist. Usually thought about one of the most pretty ladies in the world, Jolie’s character, Elise Clifton-Ward, also exemplifies the same unrestrained beauty: The eyes that capture the attention of any males, and lips that add a erotic touch to everything that they says. This is present from the film’s first scene in which Elise is staked out by a pair of French detectives, who appear to be more concerned with whether or not they is wearing any undergarments — being goo-goo eyed at the first sight of Elise’s luscious appearance. However, they also reinforces the belief that “the prettiest people do the ugliest things (as so cunningly put by Kanye West).” Elise is the target of a major inquiry for her involvement with Alexander Pierce — a mysterious Englishman who has stolen millions on millions of dollars from a materialistic and cruel Russian Mafioso, Reginald Shaw (Steven Berkoff).

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